These days, no business can afford to operate without a marketing plan. This applies to all types of businesses, large or small, online or bricks and mortar.  A marketing strategy enables you to reach new audiences, raise awareness of your brand and sell your products or services. Sounds pretty basic doesn’t it? And yet there are still some businesses that don’t have a plan or never implemented a well rounded plan and wonder why they are failing to attract customers and are in danger of sinking.

At P. Soto Consulting, we work with our clients to help them navigate the market place, see how they fit into the current sales-stratosphere and establish a path to success through a detailed plan. Further, we believe a marketing plan is a living document, that needs to continually evolve.  The ideas and goals you had when starting your business have probably changed or grown.  It’s important for a business to be able to adjust and  meet new ideas with a plan.

Stages of a Marketing Plan
• Customer research: identifying your target audience before dividing them into groups – if applicable. Once you know who your customers are, you can target your plan at them.
• Competitor analysis: learn more about your competitors. Study their strengths and weaknesses. How do you stand out from the rest?
• Define your goals and objective: every business has a set of goals which typically include building your brand identity, generating new leads, retain existing customers and establishing your position in the marketplace.
• Develop a strategy: work with an experienced online marketing professional to develop an individual plan. Think about which marketing methods are appropriate for your business and how these will be measured. Set a timescale.
• Set a budget: cost is always a factor. Many businesses avoid marketing due to the cost but it is possible to market your business on a budget.

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